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Mercedes driver smashed into E-scooters after ‘running out of talent’

AN “idiot” Mercedes driver has racked up a hefty bill after losing control of his motor before smashing into a rack of E-scooters. 

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The bright red high-performance car mounted the pavement and crashed into thousands of pounds worth of scooters in Southampton.  



Hampshire Police shared a photograph of the damage, revealing the extensive damage caused in the embarrassing crash on Wednesday (April 13). 

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A police spokesperson said: “The driver of this Mercedes realised his severe lack of talent all too late, oversteering on a bend before mounting the pavement. 

“He took out a rack of e-scooters in Southampton and now faces a hefty insurance bill for the damage on top of prosecution!"  


“If the idiot driver could do THAT much damage in car, just imagine the horrific carnage they could do on a stupid e-scooter,” said one resident. 

Another added: “If this is the damage e scooters can do to a high-end car with great safety credits god knows what damage they could do to a pedestrian.” 

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Featured image credit: Twitter/@HantsPolRoads 

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