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Jail for man who ‘caused several explosions’ in London

A MAN who stockpiled dangerous chemicals at his home in London, causing several small explosions, has been jailed. 

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The Met Police started investigating Michael Pym-Nixson, aged 54 of St George’s Road, Kingston, after he was treated for suspicious burn injuries which he said were caused by fireworks. 

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The investigation was led by the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command, following an initial review of the circumstances using the unit’s specialist expertise. 

Pym-Nixson was arrested. Officers searched his property and found kilos of substances that, when mixed, are known to create explosive materials. 

He admitted to two offences under the Explosives Substances Act in November 2021, and was jailed for three years and seven months at Southwark Crown Court on Tuesday, April 5. 

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Commander Richard Smith, who leads the Counter Terrorism Command, said: “Pym-Nixson experimented with highly dangerous chemicals in uncontrolled conditions.  

“His reckless actions put himself and others at risk, and could easily have resulted in a serious fire or explosion. 

“This case further highlights how important it is for the public to report suspicious behaviour to police, so we can keep the public safe.  


“We would urge anyone with concerns about anyone in their neighbourhood who they believe is committing crime to call police straight away – we will act.” 

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On the evening of Friday, March 19 2021, paramedics were called to Pym-Nixson’s address on St George's Road in Kingston-Upon-Thames, to treat burns to his left hand which he said were caused by a firework accidentally igniting. 

On the morning of Sunday, March 21, officers visited Pym-Nixson’s home with a search warrant, and arrested him. 


Specialist officers from the Met's Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) unit remained at the scene throughout the week-long search, and in his house and shed they found large quantities of chemicals that can be used to make explosive materials. 

On the day Pym-Nixson injured himself, he caused three small explosions by mixing these substances – people in neighbouring properties subsequently told the officers who were making local enquiries after his arrest, that they had heard loud bangs. 

There was no evidence which indicated that Pym-Nixson was creating explosive material for any malign purpose, or had any intention to make an improvised explosive device (IED). 


Pym-Nixson was charged on March 29 2021. He first appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court the following day. 

He pleaded guilty to two counts of possessing explosive substances (contrary to section 4 of the Explosive Substances Act 1883) at Southwark Crown Court on Wednesday November 3. A third charge will lie on file. 

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