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Police ‘use dogs to clear gangs causing riots’ on Oxford Street in London

POLICE are reportedly using dogs “to clear 420 gangs causing riots” on Oxford Street and near Marble Arch in London tonight.  

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It follows 420 celebrations in Hyde Park today (April 20) – an annual event celebrating cannabis which has caused controversy with protesters.  


Thousands flocked to the sunny park this afternoon to smoke and protest UK drug laws. 

Footage has emerged on Twitter tonight of what appears to be Metropolitan Police officers clearing angry protests in Oxford Street.  



One eye-witness said: “Police brought out the dogs to clear Marble Arch and Oxford Street after the 420 ended at Hyde Park. Looks like carnage.” 

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Another added: “420 gangs causing riots on London’s Oxford Street.” 

Superintendent Dan Ivey of The Metropolitan Police said: “I’m part of command team (still here). 


“So to be clear, this was a proportionate response to a large crowd leaving the park, some involved in assaults, with a machete seen, one knife recovered, along with a knuckle duster.  

“All is now calm. Ten arrests made.” 

Met Police officers were present at today’s event in Hyde Park, but asked people to deposit any cannabis found by sniffer dogs in amnesty bins.  

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One man was seen being arrested earlier today, but officers claimed he was asked to throw away his cannabis in an amnesty bin and reacted angrily.

Cannabis is illegal in the UK for recreational use and people found in possession could face five years in prison or an unlimited fine.  


If police find people in possession of the drug, officers can issue a warning or a £90 fine on the spot. 

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