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Two popular Michael McIntyre TV shows are returning soon on BBC

TWO popular TV shows hosted by comedian Michael McIntyre, the Big Show and The Wheel, are set to return on the BBC later this year. 

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Fan-favourites such as the hilarious Send To All, Celebrity Midnight Gameshow and the Unexpected Star Of The Show will return very soon. 

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Bafta Award-winning Michael will host the six-part series, which will be recorded in front of a live audience at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. 

Before the return of the Big Show, The Wheel will also return to BBC One and BBC iPlayer.  

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The show first aired in 2020 and was the highest new BBC Entertainment launch in a decade with episode one consolidating at 6.8m viewers.  

Michael said: “Three long years of no Unexpected Stars, of me not getting my hands on a single celebrity’s mobile phone, of people sleeping soundly without fear of me sneaking into their bedrooms.  

“Well the wait is over, the Big Show is back and we’ve used those three years to think of even bigger surprises and bigger laughs! 

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"And, as well as making stars of the unsuspecting public on the Big Show, I will be making another series of the show that literally revolves around me!  

“Yes! The Wheel is spinning back too! I’m elated that both shows are so beloved and returning to BBC One.” 

Kate Phillips at the BBC said: “We’re delighted that Michael McIntyre is bringing not one but two shows back to BBC One.  


“As always the Big Show will be full of big laughs, big surprises and so many memorable moments.  

“And we can’t wait to see more celebrities getting into a spectacular spin on The Wheel!" 

Transmission details for Michael McIntyre’s Big Show will be announced in due course. 


The third series of Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel will return later this year on BBC One. 

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