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Hilarious moment two bin men PICK UP small car blocking their route

THE hilarious moment two furious bin men picked up a small car blocking their truck in North London has been caught on camera.  

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You probably wouldn’t believe it if it wasn’t captured on video, but the burly bin men can clearly be seen lifting the Renault Clio in the clip.  

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Shared thousands of times online, the short video shows the frustrated men move the car which was clearly blocking their collection route.  


Stunned on-lookers can be heard on the video saying “did he just pick it up?” in disbelief after struggling to believe what they just witnessed.  

An eye-witness said: “[It was] done when somebody parked his car antisocially.   

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“You had to see [his] face when he turned up and saw his car in another place than when he left.” 


The passer-by claims there was “no damage” to the small silver Renault.   

One video viewer said: “I will say again. Your man on the right done all the lifting, guy on the left is only there for moral support.”  

Another added: “That would have been so funny if the bumper had come off when they lifted it. How would they explain that.”  


“That’s North London for ya,” added a London local, recognising the filming location.  

Featured image: Instagram/@itsmason_b_ 

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