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The Golden Bachelor Sparks Outrage with Reduced Hometown Dates

Infuriated fans took to Twitter to express their dismay. One viewer tweeted, "Why only three hometowns? This is not the Hunger Games!"

The Golden Bachelor
Picture: ABC TV

The Golden Bachelor fans are in uproar following a dramatic departure from the show's customary format. In the latest installment of the Bachelor franchise, which has already witnessed numerous heart-wrenching eliminations, Gerry Turner is embarking on a quest to discover a new romantic connection. This journey comes in the wake of Gerry's search for love, prompted by the loss of his beloved wife and high school sweetheart, Toni.

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The season has seen its share of highs and lows, with contestant Leslie causing a divide among fans due to what some perceive as concerning "red flags." Another contestant, Sandra, missed the rose ceremony due to an excessive consumption of ice cream, leaving viewers in suspense.

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The new season of the ABC reality TV series has been captivating audiences, but a revelation about the number of hometown dates has left some viewers incensed, realizing that this would bring significant consequences.

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At the onset of the latest episode, host Jesse Palmer delivered a bombshell to the remaining contestants. He disclosed that the upcoming week would feature hometown dates, during which Gerry would travel across the country to meet the friends and families of the contestants. However, he shocked the women by announcing that only three of them would have the opportunity for a hometown date.

This departure from the usual protocol was a stark contrast, as the Bachelor or Bachelorette traditionally goes on four hometown dates at this juncture. Infuriated fans took to Twitter to express their dismay. One viewer tweeted, "Why only three hometowns? This is not the Hunger Games!" Another questioned, "THREE hometowns? THREE eliminations???" A third added, "Why are there going to be only three hometown dates?" A fourth viewer echoed the sentiment, asking, "Ok but why are we only getting three hometowns?"

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The first contestant to secure a coveted hometown date was Faith, who received a rose during her intimate one-on-one date with Gerry. Their date was a spectacular affair, involving a helicopter ride followed by a luxurious yacht excursion. Gerry couldn't contain his excitement, saying, "At this moment, nothing could be better than what I'm experiencing now."

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Fans can catch "The Golden Bachelor" every Thursday night at 8 pm on ABC.

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