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50 Cent Mocks Madonna's Appearance Again, Reigniting Feud

50 Cent shared side-by-side photos that compared Madonna's appearance in a silver bodysuit during a live performance to a black insect

Madonna and 50 Cent
Picture: Instagram

The ongoing feud between rapper 50 Cent and pop icon Madonna shows no signs of cooling down, with 50 Cent taking to Instagram once again to take a jab at the legendary singer. In his latest post, he shared side-by-side photos that compared Madonna's appearance in a silver bodysuit during a live performance to an animated black insect, accompanied by a personal comment directed at her physical attributes.

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In his caption, 50 Cent couldn't resist poking fun at Madonna's posterior, stating, "who the f*** did this? She’s rich, how the hell she didn’t get it fixed 🤨I want the f***ing doctor's name right now. I mean, damn it, man! LOL."

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50 Cent Madonna

Picture: Instagram / @50cent

Madonna, as of now, has not issued a response to these comments, but it's safe to assume that she must be less than thrilled about 50 Cent's ongoing taunts. This isn't the first time the rapper has publicly criticized the iconic pop star. In June 2022, 50 Cent posted a provocative snapshot of Madonna alongside images of aliens, accompanied by a caption that read, "I hope she didn’t make her kids take this picture. LOL. At 63, somebody tell her to chill out, please." However, 50 Cent later deleted this post.

The feud between these two celebrities dates back even further. In December 2021, 50 Cent took a jab at Madonna's age after she shared provocative photos of herself on social media. He posted on Instagram, "Yo, this is the funniest s***! LOL. That's Madonna under the bed trying to do 'Like a Virgin' at 63. She shot out, if she don't get her old a** up. LMFAO."

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Madonna responded with a lengthy statement, accusing 50 Cent of pretending to be her friend while taking potshots at her on social media. She remarked, "Here is 50 Cent pretending to be my friend. Now you have decided to talk smack about me! I guess your new career [is] getting attention by trying to humiliate others on social media."

It's unfortunate to witness this public feud between two stars who were once very close. One can only hope that they might eventually find a way to reconcile and bury the hatchet.

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