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Leonardo DiCaprio ‘kicked Gemma Collins out of club’ in Los Angeles

HOLLYWOOD star Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly threw the 'Queen of Essex' out of a club in Los Angeles after an unexpected run-in with the GC.  

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Gemma Collins claims she was chucked out a private members’ club in LA by A-lister Leo after she “said hello to him” while in the US.  


The incident is thought to have happened at Soho House and, according to The Sun, the GC was left feeling mortified after the film star's royal rejection.  

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Gemma said: “Leonardo DiCaprio — I said hello to him and got thrown out of the club in LA. 

“I mean, he looked at me and I looked at him back and all I said was hello. 


“Next thing I know, I’ve been thrown out. 

“I thought, ‘You do realise I am famous as well. Thank you very much!’.” 

Admitting she was mortified by the ordeal, she added: “I could never go back there again. 


“It was just one of those moments. 

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“Well, they could kiss my arse.” 

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