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Driver hospitalised after ploughing into lamppost outside McDonald’s

A MOTORIST has been taken to hospital after ploughing their Kia car into a lamppost just metres from a McDonald’s restaurant.   

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The Roads Policing Unit for Surrey Police shared a snap of the smashed-up 4×4 outside the fast-food chain in Camberley this afternoon (April 10).  


The orange car can be seen on the pavement, wrapped around the post, surrounded by dirt and debris with extensive front-end damage.  

Police have asked diners who filmed the incident to delete footage as the driver received medical treatment from the South East Coast Ambulance Service. 

A spokesperson for Surrey Police said: “The driver is well and conveyed to hospital for minor injuries only. 

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“Those that witnessed the collision outside McDonald's in Camberley today, we kindly asked them to delete any footage recorded of the driver receiving medical treatment.”  

One person Tweeted: “Take it the driver was taken ill at the wheel, hope they are ok.  

“Did they hit something else before this post looking at the dirt and pavement?”  


Another added: “How did that happen in a McDonald’s where the speed limit is 5 [miles per hour]?”

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