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Mum terrified as armed police seize beloved pet Yorkshire terrier

A DISTRAUGHT mother-of-two says she feared for her life when police officers with a battering ram and Tasers seized her Yorkshire terrier.  

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The pet pooch was reported stolen by its previous owner who allegedly gifted the pup to 26-year-old Hayley Scanlan.  

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Named Buddy, the 12-inch-long dog was in the middle of an hour-long stand-off between Hayley and officers from Bedfordshire Police. 

Hayley and her small family. Picture: Hayley Scanlan

Hayley told The Sun: “They [officers] were banging on the door so hard I thought someone was trying to break in.  

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“I refused to give up Bobby until I spoke to a solicitor or my aunt who is a magistrate so I understood my rights.  

“But they told me I had ten minutes before they’d remove him by force.  

“I feared for my life. It was terrifying.   


Hayley's son crying during the ordeal with Bobby in his hands. Picture: Hayley Scanlan

“I didn’t want to let them take my dog away but when I saw the armed police and one officer grab the clamp to bash the door in, I knew I had no choice.”  

Hayley’s husband Iian, 32, looked after their seven-month-old daughter Dolcie and comforted their son Hugo, six, who was upstairs crying during the ordeal.  


Hayley’s mum, Kim Williams, 57, said: “We’ve never been in trouble with the police, yet they treated us like we’re the Krays.”  

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Bobby was returned to his former owner after the warrant was enforced and Hayley has now launched an online appeal to get him back.  

She insists he was willingly given to her when they lived in Luton last May by an elderly neighbour who was recovering from a heart attack.  


Hayley added: “She agreed I should keep Bobby but now she’s decided she wants him back and told the police he’s stolen.  

Hayley's son with their beloved pet pooch. Picture: Hayley Scanlan

"I don’t believe Bobby is safe because sadly she can’t look after him properly.  


“I am now looking to sue Bedfordshire Police.  

“Bobby was not stolen, he was given to me after I had taken the lady in to recover after being discharged from hospital at which time I was pregnant.”  

Her petition has since had almost 350 signatures. 


Det Insp Melissa Cunningham of Bedfordshire Police says Bobby was still microchipped to an owner in Luton who reported the pet stolen.  

She said: “In terms of resources, two officers who were nearby were called to the scene to assist with a potential forced entry after police were refused entry to the property.” 

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