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Dramatic moment police arrest man who 'threw eggs at King Charles and Camilla'

THE moment someone launched four eggs at King Charles and Camilla has been caught on camera – and Charles didn't even flinch.  

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A protester shouted at the Royals before throwing the eggs in the direction of His Majesty, narrowly avoiding hitting him.  

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The eggs splatted on the ground next to Charles' feet as he looked completely unphased by the entire ordeal – just as police swooped in.  


Footage shows the moment officers pounce on the yob as the crowd began yelling "god save the king" and "shame on you". 

The King looked down at the eggs on the ground, seemingly shrugging off the incident before he was ushered away from the situation.  

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According to ITV News' Royal Editor Chris Ship the man was swiftly arrested.  



He Tweeted: "Man arrested in York after throwing egg at King Charles and Queen Consort. Appears he shouted about slavery.  

"Egg landed on ground near the King. Crowds shouted back to the protestor 'shame on you'." 

Charles and Camilla we're carrying out a royal visit in York this morning when the incident happened. 


The King is on a visit to York to unveil a statue of Queen Elizabeth II. 

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