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Teen sacked from delivery job at Sainsbury’s after swearing on TikTok

A YOUNG Sainsbury’s delivery driver claims he was sacked from his job after swearing in a viral TikTok video praising his “lovely” job.  

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Nineteen-year-old Ollie Tut described his ex role as the easiest job in the UK in a video which cost him his job in front of millions.  


More than four million watched the short clip which was uploaded on March 24. 

In the TikTok, he said: “If you want an easy job, just go and work at Tesco, Sainsbury's and do this delivering s**t. 

“It is possibly the easiest job I've ever had, the best paying job I've ever had and I actually get looked after.  

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“I don't do much, I just sit on the side of the road waiting to do these drops.  

“All the customers are f******g lovely and haven't had an occasion where they have been an a******e.”  

He added: “Don't work in the store though, that's s**t and boring.  



@olliedtutt #fyp #sainsburys ♬ original sound – ChubbyKid

“Seriously if you wanna (sic) do an easy job just do this.” 

Just days later Ollie, of Eastbourne East Sussex posted another video, this time revealing that he got the boot from his manager at Sainsbury’s.  


According to the teenager, he was sacked for disrepute and policy breaking, as well as apparently “not caring enough” about the ordeal. 

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He said: “It's not a big deal, like they are a multi-billion-pound company and they care about a single video. 

“Yep, you were all right about me losing my job, go f**k yourself. 


“ Now I am going to apply for new jobs.” 

A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s said: “We are unable to discuss individual colleague cases.  

“Any decision to review a colleague's employment is not taken lightly and based on a range of factors.” 


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