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King Charles' Speech Hints at Message for Prince Harry, Says Royal Expert

"I don't think Harry would take the slightest bit of notice of it, unfortunately"

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King Charles subtly conveyed a message directed towards Prince Harry in his Mansion House speech, according to Royal commentator Angela Levin. She pointed out a specific passage that seemed to address the ongoing tensions surrounding Harry and Meghan, saying, "There's a bit here that is just about Harry and Meghan and, I'll just read these lines, 'do we pause instinctively and unerringly before speaking or acting to ensure we are affording equal weight to both sides of the balance? Our society would be a kinder and gentler place for it.'"

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Levin told that this passage serves as a gentle reminder to Prince Harry not to approach the situation with demands and accusations. She emphasized, "I think it's quite interesting because it's a message to Harry – 'don't come in and start shouting at me and demanding that years later that we still apologize to Meghan.'"

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Speaking further in her conversation with Patrick Christys, Levin, who possesses a keen eye for subtle cues, delved into the subtext of the message. She said, "I can pick up on things where there's something written between the lines, and I think this is something that's written between the lines, 'be calm, don't shout, don't nag, don't demand, but let's sort of start – let's try and keep things equal.'"

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While acknowledging the potential impact of the message, Levin also expressed her doubts about Harry heeding the advice, stating, "I don't think Harry would take the slightest bit of notice of it, unfortunately."

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Levin went on to address financial concerns related to the Prince, stating, "I think if you're still shouting at your father to give you money, or your late grandmother to give you money, and then you go off and spend it all like that, and you make no sign that you're being cautious or that you're not actually going to take planes and tell people they can but you can't… It's actually rather distasteful."

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Levin didn't reserve her critique solely for Prince Harry, as she also touched on Meghan's actions, particularly her choice of attire when visiting underprivileged areas. She noted, "In the same way where Meghan goes to poor places where children are poor, that she was in jewelry and clothes worth several thousand pounds, but actually you could play it down a little bit."

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When asked about King Charles's decision to speak out, Levin expressed her approval, saying, "I wondered if he would actually, and I was very pleased he did because I think, like his mother, she would choose the moment when we needed to have like a grandmother or a grandfather who would sort of look after us and make sure that we felt it was all okay." She praised the King's sensitivity and revealed that he has a personal touch in crafting his speeches, reflecting his emotions and innermost thoughts. Levin concluded by noting that this speech indicated that King Charles still deeply misses his late mother, Princess Diana, as he seems to harken back to her in his words.

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