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Harry and Meghan Urged to Embrace Celebrity to Overcome US Backlash

"You know, in a way, the Sussexes are kind of like the Kardashians here. They're famous because of their names"

Harry and Meghan
Picture: Instagram

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle find themselves in a situation where they must harness their fame to combat a rising tide of negative perceptions in the United States, according to celebrity blogger Perez Hilton.

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When questioned about the couple's ongoing struggles with negative attention, Hilton shared his perspective with GB News, stating: "Well, they are big celebrities here, but that's the thing, they're not Royals to us and they need to cultivate their celebrity."

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Instagram / @sussexroyal

Picture: Instagram / @sussexroyal

Hilton went on to offer his advice, suggesting that the best course of action for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would be to maintain a stoic silence. He emphasized the importance of not allowing the negativity to affect them, especially in light of Meghan's recent comments about her concerns for her children and their exposure to the world of social media.

In a conversation with Stephen Dixon and Ellie Costello, Hilton drew an interesting parallel between the Sussexes and another famous American family: "You know, in a way, the Sussexes are kind of like the Kardashians here. They're famous because of their names, but they haven't really done much of note yet. And they need to play the fame game because at the end of the day, it's all about money. The more famous they are, the more money they can make."

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Hilton also took a moment to address the new book authored by pop sensation Britney Spears, noting his belief that some caution should be exercised when discussing its contents: "I do believe that there should be an asterisk next to discussions on the book because Britney is somebody who does struggle with mental health issues. I'm not saying that we shouldn't believe what happened, but some of the claims – I would like to hear from the people that are being discussed."

He concluded his thoughts on a compassionate note, expressing hope that the process of writing the book would contribute positively to Britney Spears' journey and assist her in moving forward with her life.

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